Ethical copywriting for brands that care about purpose, people and the planet. Need compelling words that don't compromise your values? Prasanna writes personality popping copy that aligns with your vision and connects with your crowd.


If you're ready for elevated graphic design that brings visual identity to life, then Keren is the one! Creating impactful designs for ambitious and sustainable brands! She's a master at crafting logos, fonts and colours that will organically compliment your product or service. For when it's time to level up, and visually align your brand to your values.


Olivia offers 1-1 business coaching to create your beautiful nature-led business. She helps women achieve their business goals with clarity, confidence, planning and mind-set support. Removing the overwhelm, frustration and feeling of being stuck and move into ease, flow and hitting consistent goals every month.


In addition to your online store, why not add your products to Helen and Clare's value driven marketplace. Helping accelerate your brand sales, with a platform you can trust, that shares in your values. Get seen by more of the right type of customer, and work with the twins who care about people, animals and the planet.


Sustainable accountant, Anja combines number crunching with Degrowth action. 20 years experience as a bookkeeper and accountant taught her that most small businesses want to do the right thing within planetary boundaries. Anja helps brands to get back to "enough" by empowering downsizing and teaching how to add purpose through finance.


Offers Intentional social media management that grows your online presence while you focus on serving your clients. Megan knows how hard it can be to post consistently on social media (and the guilt you feel when you don’t!) She realised the key to growing an engaged audience is more than just beautiful content, it’s having an intentional strategy that’s unique to your business, and promotes your values.


Meet Adrianne the sustainable Showit web designer here to help you stand out online. She builds bold websites that convert for mindful businesses, health and wellness brands, and more. Adrianne passionately believe businesses can be profitable, environmentally friendly AND help people. This is why she works with clients who share this dream of making their corner of the world a better place.


Feeling a little lost with your business in energy or direction? Lady Crescent is a highly respected Empath, and Intuitive who is best recognised for giving very chillingly accurate Tarot readings. Why not try out her "The Morigann" package. A card reading specifically catered towards your Business and Career. Get the answers and motivational energy boost you need to manifest the next big step for your brand.


Meet our sustainable hair and makeup artist Amanda. Keen for you and your models to look your best on camera, but not wanting to compromise your values? We got you, Amanda uses all natural products and ethical practices, so you can look amazing for your shoot and not hinder the environment.


Ethical brand stories that make an impact—for the leaders, entrepreneurs, and dreamers. Lulu is a graphic designer working with non-profit organisations and sustainable/ethical businesses to weave emotional, authentic, and enduring identities. Let's grow a brand that tells your story and connects with the hearts of your audience!


Box Lane Co.

Zest Cakes


12th Avenue Candles

The Organica Community

Here at Organica we love to celebrate and elevate, eco-conscious, natural businesses, with a dash of community spirit. It's a tough world out there for the little guys. So as we share this mission to save the planet, we believe it's really important to lift each other up and promote the hell out of brands doing all the right things. Check out our shout out page for NZ brands doing their bit to save the world!